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Now you can be more comfortable when you travel around the world by get travel insurance from Doha Insurance. Also you can get special offers when you get it from online portal.

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No need to do more effort to buy a cars from auction , you can visit online auction and explore many cars in auction. Also you can gives us your bids for any car.

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Feeling more safely by get insurance for your car from Doha insurance. We have many features that may can help you. Now you can get your insurance online easily and get a new packages for comprehensive insurance.

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Logo History


Grounded with proud Arabian roots and heritage, Qatar is a nation proud of its people, and all those who reside on it from all over the globe. Qatar beats with a passionate culmination of history and heritage remaining current with all that is modern and contemporary. By combining these elements, our new logo and identity is an amalgamation of the letter “د” in Arabic and the letter “D” in English forming a circle of protection, representing the essence of what Doha Insurance does best. Furthermore, this new embodiment forms the shape of a closed triangle that depicts a fast forward moving motion, true to DIG’s pioneering spirit.


As the nation moves on to a new phase, there is the need to develop and emphasize our national identity. The compassion and fluidity of the letters reflect the spirit of operations between DIG and our clients. Patriotism is signified as we integrate the distinctive maroon color of the national flag in the letter "d" of the word "Doha" while retaining the iconic, identifiable colors of the first logo: The blue, a tribute to Qatar’s seas remains, as does the yellow, a tribute to the sun and sands of Qatar.


The colors used are a testament to Qatar’s iconic skyline, its blue sea and yellow sun and sands. The logo is an amalgamation of both Arabic and English languages, firstly deriving the letter “D” from the word Doha. Incorporated also, is the Arabic letter (ت) which is the first letter in the word “Tameen”, Arabic for insurance. This (ت) character is also a nod to the smile we wish to impart on the faces of our customers, a testimony to the superior service and satisfaction we always aim to deliver.

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